New Site, new speed record and SSL

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Today i was no longer that happy with Blogger, i liked the service for a very long time but now its over with it. You may ask why.... -SSL I did put Cloudflare in front of Blogger and it dosent... more

Network Scan on ISP with all 65k Ports

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Today a friend of mine decided to scan the entire network of a ISP that is hosting private customers , some small companys and a few bigger corporates. The scan was done with masscan... more

Security on Swiss banks?

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Security on Swiss banks?Lovely Swiss banks... please try to hide errors like this...... Informations like this give us to much information on your system setup. Already from this error message we get... more

Setup SSHD with multiple ports / iptables / selinux

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Today i introduced AWS to a friend and there where some trouble setting up sshd to listen on multiple ports. First of all make sure your AWS Security Group also contain the additional ports that you... more

WTF Google Music?

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WTF Google Music?Today i was driving home, was listening as always to Google Music All Access.... while i was driving Music did stop. So far no problem, just restart the app and try it again.- No... more