MacBook Pro power on button without keyboard

I found in the trash a macbook pro a1211 (15”) no keyboard, no touchpad, no battery, no ram, no disk… i didnt know if it would work or not… so i decided to test it… got a powersupply temporary from a friend and inserted a 500gb western digital black disk to it… also i found some ram. in i got for 22 SFr. a battery that would fit in.

After connecting everything together i missed a way to turn it on…Fu* there is no d*** powerbutton!!!  After taking a deep look on the motherboard with some beer intus i saw on the upper right side a note (PWR BTN)  on the motherboard that has a line to two 2 pins…. with a normal screwdriver i shortened this pins… and oh well. The Macbook turns on. Then i prepared the USB Stick to install OS X 10.7.8 (or so) and got a working Macbook pro fo 23 SFr.

You see on the main picture the pins and the note how to start the Macbook without a Keyboard attached…

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