Delete Whatsapp and all data and install Telegram

First why i was doing this? …. Very simple i really dont like Facebook. As they did acquire whatsapp it seems for me no longer useable without getting in conflict.

Pro: Biggest community out there for messenger services
Negative: Costs, have in there TOS that it is allowed to forward private data if needed.

Pro: Extremly fast growing community, my Data is mine… and no one is allowed to touch it
Negative: Windows Client in Alpha version

Now first we start with deleting our whatsapp account:
1. Start Whatsapp (if you did remove it already, reinstall it), then click on Settings

2. Click on Account

3. Click on delete my Account

 4. Click on delete my account again and proof it with your verification sms
5. Go to you Android settings, (Samsung owners click on the More tab)
 6. Click on Application manager
7. Search for Whatsapp

8. Click the Uninstall Button

9. Wait till finnish

10. Go to the Google Playstore and install “Telegram” works exactly the same way like whatsapp, has much better TOS and best of all …. its free

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