WTF Google Music?

WTF Google Music?

Today i was driving home, was listening as always to Google Music All Access.... while i was driving Music did stop. So far no problem, just restart the app and try it again.

- No Music anymore in my Playlists

- No Google Subscription active for Music All Access

I was very disapointed.... At home i immediately logged into my account and .... no subscription!

My Creditcard is valid till 2017 , so thats for sure not the problem.

Now i did again subscribe to Google Music All Access , jeah i got my Playlists with all tracks back. But with this i lost a half month of Google Music Access... Im not complaining about the 5 bucks... but why could a subscription be cancelled without notice. Also please please allow us to be able to see our tracklist if the subscription break-cancel or anything. I know errors can happen, but that was shocking me.

I am still happy with Google Music All Access and i hope that this does not happen again. :-)

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