New Site, new speed record and SSL

Today i was no longer that happy with Blogger, i liked the service for a very long time but now its over with it. You may ask why….


I did put Cloudflare in front of Blogger and it dosent matter what i do , how i do it it was not possible to not get mixed SSL non SSL content. After fighting with the redirections, changing all links on the site, there where still some things left that i could not change (for example the stupid hardlink from Google to …. why … why the hell do you enforce the favicon as full url?? There are plenty of other errors if you put cloudflare in front.

Because i also was not liking the speed of blogger and getting downgrades from Alexa because of that. So i decided to switch completly to a new system. Which i did and as far as i can tell im very happy with it.

The CMS is amazing fast, flexible and im able to have Cloudflare in front.

Site Load time is now between 0.9 second to 1.8second with a 10MBit line.

I will see how it goes :0)

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