Why you cant beat roulette even with my simulator

Sometimes i have fun in gambling like poker or online casinos for some coins (poker sometimes for money). If you gamble you should know that there are many forum’s that help with strategys that will win for sure. Just let me tell you: Except for poker nothing (legal) works. Today i will take with you together a look on roulette. How are the odds for the house? - There are 37 numbers on a European roulette table, the maximum payout is 35:1 this means if you place on all numbers a coin you will lose everytime 2 coins.

Java 8 install script for Enterprise software deployment SCCM

Deploying Suns Java was already pain in the ass when they came out with V6 and 7. But with V8 they just shot the bird at a unknown high level :-( My Boss told me to create a package for this application with the following requirements: Remove any existing Java Installer and Settings Install 32bit and 64bit Version Easy future deployment with just replacing the msi’s Deploy the Exception Sites list with it Deploy the Configurations and Settings Add the companys own Certificate for Deep Packet inspection Remove ugly update messages Yes those are the requirements….

Public WebProxy Service unblock Websites

Today i have to announce a new Service on my Website. Its a WebProxy Server that helps you to surf anonymously or unblock any content that is accessible by a simple GET request. Mostly this Service will be used from Countrys where the Government is blocking the access to the Internet or restrict it hardly so that you are no longer able to read news from other Countrys. Try it out how it works: https://broxi.jans.li/ Blocked (Post/Ajax/Cookies) this is at the moment for Security reasons and to be able to host this service without handling to many complains.

IPv6 easy guide for Sysadmins

I was taking a deeper look on IPv6 and like to share whats important from a system admin perspective that could also help you to understand it in a more simple way then you expect from reading the RFCs. Base knowledge about IPv6 This is a sample IPv6 address 1234:0001:1234:0002:1234:0003:5212:2312 This address could also be written as follow 1234:1:1234:2:1234:3:5212:2312 as you can see we can remove all zero’s from the beginning of each block Also if you have for example an Address like 2001:DDDD:AAAA:BBBB:0000:0000:0000:0000 this address can go up to 2001:DDDD:AAAA:BBBB:FFFF:FFFF:FFFF:FFFF Also if you have for example an Address like 2001:DDDD:AAAA:BBBB:0000:0000:0000:0000 you can shorten the address because the last 4 blocks are 0 2001:DDDD:AAAA:BBBB:: You can do this only if you have at least 1 Group (Block) of zeros or max 4 Blocks Useable Hexadecimal characters in the ipv6 address 0-9 , A, B, C, D, E, F Localhost?

Setup OpenVPN with Clients able to communicate to each other

Target of this Tutorial is to setup a OpenVPN Server on a Ubuntu or Debian based System. This tutorial will guide you thrue all packages that are required, the initial setup, server configuration and hints, the first connection and future improvements. For example if you use this tutorial and have a Server Hoster in the US, then you can order things from the US that are restricted to this area or even watch all the new series on Netflix.

New Site, new speed record and SSL

Today i was no longer that happy with Blogger, i liked the service for a very long time but now its over with it. You may ask why…. -SSL I did put Cloudflare in front of Blogger and it dosent matter what i do , how i do it it was not possible to not get mixed SSL non SSL content. After fighting with the redirections, changing all links on the site, there where still some things left that i could not change (for example the stupid hardlink from Google to https://www.yourdomain.com/favicon.ico ….

Security on Swiss banks?

Security on Swiss banks? Lovely Swiss banks... please try to hide errors like this...... Informations like this give us to much information on your system setup. Already from this error message we get the first information on the Database structure.... HIDE ERROR MESSAGES, it is much more complicated to do everything in a blind way!

What cats really do

What cats really do.... Usual Cat Day - Smack my bitch up(Prodigy Cover)


29. January 2013 , Already Level 8 and played Ingress since 13. November 2012. In the Picture you see the first big field that i did create with 2 friends (nearly 36h work without stop) , and yes... that was the maximum possible link size at this stage of the game development. I dont have the pictures anymore from the field in high resolution, but you can see the lake Bodensee at the Intelmap screenshot.

WTF Google Music?

WTF Google Music? Today i was driving home, was listening as always to Google Music All Access.... while i was driving Music did stop. So far no problem, just restart the app and try it again. - No Music anymore in my Playlists - No Google Subscription active for Music All Access I was very disapointed.... At home i immediately logged into my music.google.com account and .... no subscription! My Creditcard is valid till 2017 , so thats for sure not the problem.

Microsoft are you really sure about that?

Сообщение из ленты +nixCraft Linux Blog: Ladies and Gentlemen - Microsoft now claims that Linux falls short solely on server-side. See for yourself in attached image. LOL what? This is so sad to read. The FUD page is here - http://bit.ly/1sfgeSp #Linux #Microsoft #FUD #AdFails

Wetter von heute und gestern

Wetter von heute und gestern.... Blitze (6 шт.)

SSL Heartbleed :-)

SSL Heartbleed :-) http://bit.ly/Q5pcUZ

For all of you that dont know what AMD's Mantel is

For all of you that dont know what AMD's Mantel is... Take a look at how much mantel will help games.... Battlefield 4 Beginner Sniping Tips!


Сообщение из ленты +Matthew Santoro: Lol. 'MURICA! 

und hier die nachher fotos

und hier die nachher fotos .... meiner lieben r1 (11 шт.)

IT security future?

IT security future? What would a pentest report look like in a few years? 3 vulnerable fridges, 0-day found for washing machine. garbage bin uses outdated firmware. Kitchen lights vulnerable to format string exploits :)

NSA Outsourced IT to CSC

CSC, the “a Systems Integrator” that runs NSA’s internal IT system, defense and intelligence, CSC as a contractor is making millions of dollars selling technology and services that help the world’s largest surveillance system spy on us! This is done in all country's all over the world.  What are Partners from CSC????  - Google  - Citrix  - Cisco  - Microsoft  - Oracle  - Intel  ....  (Partners:  http://www.csc.com/global_alliances/ds/78882-global_alliances_partner_portfolio )  should i tell more about it?

Google Glass earns you a ticket!

Google Glass earns you a ticket! Could it realy be possible that you get a ticket while wearing Google Glass? A Women from from San Diego just got one for wearing Glass. The reason that the police officer mentioned is "Driving with a Monitor visible to the Driver (Google Glass). Because Google Glass is also transparent, it seems like a heads up display for Cars that would (from my view) improve the security because you dont look at a navigation system.

Again an absolutly amazing tv prank from LG

Again an absolutly amazing tv prank from LG LG Ultra Reality: Meteor PRANK in Job Interview -LG Scare The Crap Out Of People Again

the new kitkat slogan for android

Сообщение из ленты +Shen Ye: You win today, Nokia.

please google open it to your main europe location!

please google open it to your main europe location! Сообщение из ленты +Florian Thalmann: So sieht es bis jetzt aus in der Schweiz. #SwoogleGate steht für die Google Barriere in der Schweiz! Macht mit und helft die Schranken zu öffnen. Google bedient die Knöpfe, wir müssen noch etwas LAUTER werden so dass sie uns nicht überhören können! Mehr Stimmen mehr loudness! Ab einer bestimmten Anzahl kann man uns nicht mehr ignorieren!

0-435km/h in 4

0-435km/h in 4.5 seconds ;=))) amazing fast Top fuel bikes at Veidec Nitro Festival 2010


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