Java 8 install script for Enterprise software deployment SCCM

Deploying Suns Java was already pain in the ass when they came out with V6 and 7. But with V8 they just shot the bird at a unknown high level :-( My Boss told me to create a package for this ... more

Public WebProxy Service unblock Websites

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Today i have to announce a new Service on my Website. Its a WebProxy Server that helps you to surf anonymously or unblock any content that is accessible by a simple GET request. Mostly this Service ... more

IPv6 easy guide for Sysadmins

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I was taking a deeper look on IPv6 and like to share whats important from a system admin perspective that could also help you to understand it in a more simple way then you expect from reading the ... more

Setup OpenVPN with Clients able to communicate to each other

Target of this Tutorial is to setup a OpenVPN Server on a Ubuntu or Debian based System. This tutorial will guide you thrue all packages that are required, the initial setup, server configuration and ... more

New Site, new speed record and SSL

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Today i was no longer that happy with Blogger, i liked the service for a very long time but now its over with it. You may ask why.... -SSL I did put Cloudflare in front of Blogger and it dosent ... more