Why you cant beat roulette even with my simulator

Sometimes i have fun in gambling like poker or online casinos for some coins (poker sometimes for money). If you gamble you should know that there are many forum’s that help with strategys that will win for sure. Just let me tell you: Except for poker nothing (legal) works. Today i will take with you together a look on roulette.

How are the odds for the house? - There are 37 numbers on a European roulette table, the maximum payout is 35:1 this means if you place on all numbers a coin you will lose everytime 2 coins. - So the house advantage is about 2.5%

Illegal ways to beat roulette

  1. Physical device with a clicker or video camera that calculates physically where the ball will drop
  2. Hidden coin stack. Here you hide a more worthy coin below a low coin. If you win show the coin below, if you loose mistakely remove the coin while no attention is ongoing
  3. Dealer bias, most of the dealers play for years and do this the same way 247. So if you are a fast calculator you can make quick bets for target areas

And for all those people that dont believe that it is impossible to beat roulette in another legaly approved way, try it out your self on:


I have added the multipliers, you can chose the itterations you like. The most i got was 89’228 rounds with my system. If you wanna beat roulette you need to get at least 1’000’000 rounds without going under 0.

Hope some one beats me on my 89’228

Now enjoy playing

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