Published 04-02-1999 00:00:00

Here i am prepping a Service list that i will use in the future for my scripts and such.

This is more like a program, because there are still people on this earth that think you can beat roulette with a system or a strategy. You can try yourself the strategy you want before you loose all your money.

This is a WebProxy Service site. For Security reasons Post requests / Ajax / Cookies are now allowed for now. Please do not abuse this service. This WebProxy is for giving Countrys a way to read the news where they are blocked!!!

Here you will find a mirror repository of the most common OpenSource Projects , Linux Distributions, DPKG and RPMs, its a exact copy of

This page will show you the IP address of your routers external interface. Because this is the only text for it, you can use it for shell scripts with curl or wget without using cut or grep.

This page shows just a simple 1, page is also hosted by cloudflare and set to be never offline and always under attack. In this case it is reachable world wide and has a extremly fast response. Also you can use this page to check if a client has internet or not, or in a shell script if there is a internet connection available.


More services following….